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Xbox One And Xbox 360 Deals With Gold; Microsoft Announces Deals For Gold Members

Every month, Microsoft makes it to a point that they will offer two games for free for their Xbox Live Gold Members. Microsoft allows the members to download games only for a limited time on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Gamers only need to have an Xbox account in order for them to download the games for free even without owning an Xbox yet. You just need to sign in into the Xbox website and head unto the titles’ listing page in order to redeem the offer.

Afterwards, the game will just appear into the console’s “ready to install” list if you already bought your own Xbox One, as per Mirror . Just recently, Microsoft announced new and free games which are one of the notable deals for Xbox One for this week.

Other deals include Saints Row IV: Re-elected for $5, the Rock band 4 Rivals bundle which is for $42, and with more Rock band 4 DLC just like song packs. The choice to switch with Xbox 360, you can have the chance to nab every single deal for the week like Tropico game of expansion, as per Gamespot reports.

You can choose between Tropico 3 for $2, Tropico 4 for $2.50, Espionage for $5, and the Hostile Takeover for $2.50. In addition to that, Xbox Live Gold Members also has the chance to pick up some of the month’s free games with Gold titles.

There are certainly Gold line-up games that you can pick for January 2017. Here are some of this week’s gold deals for Xbox One; Binaries – $5, Castles – $3.74, fortified – $7.50, Just Sing – $15, and Mantis Burn Racing – $10.

For Xbox 360 Weekly deals are the following; Tropico 3 – $2, Tropico 4 – $2.50, Tropico 4 Modern Times – $1.24, Tropico 5 – $6, and Tropico 5 Epic Meltdown – $2.50. These gold deals revealed are only valid for those Xbox Live Gold Members. Sourcetravelerstoday

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