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Surface Phone updates: Existence of the alleged Microsoft smartphone still in limbo

Surface Phone updates: Existence of the alleged Microsoft smartphone still in limbo
(Microsoft)Shown in the photo is the Lumia 950 XL. Rumors claim that Microsoft's Lumia line will be replaced by the Surface Phone, although the company has yet to confirm the existence of the device.

Despite the numerous rumors on the Surface Phone possibly arriving soon, the latest reports claim that it may unlikely be the case. There is no denying that the Surface Phone is one of the most-talked-about mobile devices. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has not yet officially acknowledged that the said phone is, indeed, already in the company’s armory.

Recently, many of those who have been anticipating the arrival of the Surface Phone got even more excited as the supposed images of the highly anticipated device surfaced online. However, there were some who were quick to point out that those images are nothing more than the prototype of the Lumia Phones, the line of phone acquired by Microsoft from Nokia, in the past.

Because of the several false alarms on the release and even on the existence of the Surface Phone, it is now alleged that there may be no Surface Phone at all. After all, although Microsoft has said point black that it is not done with smartphones yet, it has not categorically stated that it will be branded as the Surface Phone.

Also, as the Redmond-based company has not issued a specific time frame as to when it will re-enter the smartphone market with its latest offering, the veracity of the rumors claiming that the Surface Phone’s release is imminent is clouded with doubt.

In September last year, Microsoft’s director for engineering Laura Butler teased Microsoft fans with the existence of the Surface Phone when she tweeted “Surface Phone is not NOT confirmed.” As the now-taken down tweet came with double negative, and double negative means affirmative, many believe that Microsoft may, indeed, be working on the Surface Phone.

However, it is suspected that the company may not be ready with its latest smartphone offering, hence, it refuses to talk about it or release it half-baked. Is there really a Surface Phone? Is it really arriving this year? Without any official word from Microsoft, fans can only wonder. Sourceecumenicalnews

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