New MacBook Air 2017 release date, price and specs rumours UK

New MacBook Air 2017 release date, price and specs rumours UK
New MacBook Air 2017 release date, price and specs rumours UK

SurfaceThe MacBook Air had an update in 2016, but it was such a minor and frankly disappointing update – merely including an optional RAM upgrade in the standard package for the 13in model – that we’re looking ahead to the next MacBook Air update. Will 2017 see a proper update to the MacBook Air lineup? Or will the MacBook Air lineup be killed off for good?

In this article we round up all the rumours, hints and clues about the new MacBook Air for 2017, including the new MacBook Air’s UK release date, tech specs, new features, design, along with speculation that Apple may be phasing out the ‘Air’ lineup completely.

New MacBook Air 2017 release date rumours: UK release date

Apple hosted a special event on 21 March 2016, and ahead of the event we (quite naturally) expected new MacBook Air and MacBook models.

After all, the spring event represented one year since both were last updated (or one year since it was first launched in the MacBook’s case) and before that new Air models arrived in April of 2014. But instead, Apple used the event to show off the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro with 9.7in screen.

Instead, we had to wait until 19 April for Apple to release new MacBooks and the updated MacBook Air. But the MacBook Air update was underwhelming, to say the least. While the MacBook got a power boost and a new Rose Gold colour option, the MacBook Air simply got a new 8GB onboard memory standard, and that’s only for the 13in model.

So when will we get a proper update to the MacBook Air line-up? If the lineup isn’t getting the chop, we assume that Apple will stick to its yearly upgrade cycle and should release the new MacBook Air at some point in early 2017, possibly between March and May as has been the case in previous years.

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