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GameStop hints ‘Pokemon’ game is planned for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo will be unveiling more details regarding the Nintendo Switch on Jan. 12, Thursday. One of the key details that the company is expected to focus on are the games that will launch on the system. It is now hinted that the Switch will also have a “Pokemon” game.

A GameStop product page for the Switch was recently posted and then taken down, Nintendo Life reported. Snapshots of the page have circulated and they reveal that the Switch is set to have games from the “Legend of Zelda,” “Splatoon,” “Mario” and “Pokemon” franchises.

Before the listing was taken down it stated that gamers would be able to “play Pokemon at home with the Nintendo Switch.” This further indicates that the “Pokemon” game for the Switch will be a main entry title like “Pokemon Sun and Moon” instead of a spin-off like “Pokemon Colliseum.”

One of the most popular rumors right now is that the Switch is going to get an enhanced version of “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” games originally released on the 3DS. The game is rumored to be titled “Pokemon Stars” and will be identical to the 3DS versions except with better graphics.

The listing also mentions games that have yet to be officially announced, Game Rant reported. These include a brand new “Mario” game and a Nintendo Switch port of “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” Both of these games were teased in the announcement trailer.

Nintendo has not confirmed if the rumors are true regarding a main “Pokemon” game launching on the Switch. However, it would make sense given that the console can also be used as a portable gaming device. All of the previous main “Pokemon” games were released on portable devices like the 3DS and Gameboy Advance. Source: Yibada

Further details will be announced during the aforementioned Nintendo Switch presentation. The official launch trailer for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” can be viewed below:

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