Apple Stated That Consumer Reports Tested MacBook Pro Using Unorthodox Method

Apple Stated That Consumer Reports Tested MacBook Pro Using Unorthodox Method
Apple’s new MacBook Pros do not earn Consumer Report’s recommendation after battery-life issues surfaced during testing. ( Consumer Reports/Youtube )

Consumer Reports concluded some interesting issue regarding MacBook’s battery inconsistency results; with a range of only 3.75 hours to 19.5 hours. Apple stated that something have affected the test procedure, both a benchmarking issue and a software bug.

Apple Company collaborated with Consumer Reports last holiday season just to study about these battery issues. They again tested all MacBook using a run test in a multiple times to enable to come up with the average result.

Users have been protesting about the battery life of the new MacBook Pro; in order for Apple to withdraw the battery time remaining in a macOS update. But during the test, it turns out that Consumer Reports switched off the Safari’s local cache for their browsing evaluation; obtaining the website’s data from the internet every time which Safari grabs and stores images to MacBook’s hard drive gaining an extra loaded date that affects the battery of MacBook Pro.

“Consumer Reports operated a hidden Safari setting for expanding web sites which turns off the browser cache. This is not a setting which practices by the customers and does not reflect real-world usage,” said Apple in a statement.

It was also identified that there was something a bug in Safari affecting its icon fetching. The bug was recently fixed that improves its benchmarks. Consumer Reports also claimed that the publication turns off the cache settings on the default browser not just for Mac laptops but for all laptops.

Consumer Reports was visiting thousands of distinct website, not just the same ten websites all over again. Consumer Reports testing technique seems to be a great idea in favor for all consumers that uses their computer for browsing internet, stream music and movies, write documents; it resembles in a real life usage situation.

Deactivating the default settings will affect its battery still remains an issue, but manufacturers are hoping that Consumer Reports must acknowledge on leaving the cache problem to PC laptops and Mac benchmarks. Sourcemobilenapps

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