Apple iPhone 8 Updates: Patents & Leaks Confirm Radical Edge-to-Edge Display, AR-Enabled iPhone

Apple iPhone 8 Updates: Patents & Leaks Confirm Radical Edge-to-Edge Display, AR-Enabled iPhone

While rumors of iPhone 8 featuring Edge-to-Edge OLED display have being doing rounds, Apple’s latest patent confirms the same. The patent that was recently discovered was granted for an iPhone with full frontal display that occupies the entire front face of the device.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Apple Patent No 9,543,364 for “Electronic devices having displays with openings.” The patent describes a potentially new feature that will allow sensors such as a camera, speaker, or microphone beneath the display.


This arrangement would help Apple create an iPhone with a true Edge-to-Edge bezel-less display. The feature is rumored as part of the re-designed premium iPhone 8 codenamed “Ferrari.” The said iPhone will launch later this year as part of Apple iPhone’s 10th anniversary celebrations.


The patent also reveals plans for a built-in “heads-up display” system which would mark Apple’s first step into augmented reality, reports Mirror UK.

“One or more openings in the display may form a window through which a user of the device may view an external object,” says the patent. “Display pixels in the portion of the display in which the window is formed may be used in forming a heads-up display.”

Essentially, this describes an iPhone with one or more transparent regions in front and rear of the device. This might be possible with transparent OLED in front and clear glass structure at the back. When users look through these windows, they would see digital images overtop the real world physical objects.

The window based HUD might be used by Apple to foray into AR technology. Apple is also recently rumored to develop AR-enabled smart glasses with German optics giant, Carl Zeiss. The AR features will not necessarily get inducted in the upcoming 2017 iPhone models.


Meanwhile, a recent leak also confirms a glass sandwich design for Apple’s 2017 flagship iPhone. Citing Taiwanese sources from Apple’s supply line, Forbes said the company will bypass its main manufacturer Foxconn. This is in order to attain forged steel iPhone chassis from supplier Jabil. With the chassis Apple will sandwich together front and rear glass panels.

This would give the upcoming iPhone 8 a design similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy series. It would also help with the introduction of the long rumored wireless charging feature to the company’s flagship. Source: Thebitbag

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