Wonder Woman Villain Finally Confirmed?

Wonder Woman Villain Finally Confirmed?
Wonder Woman Villain Finally Confirmed?

While we still have quite some time until the summer movie season kicks off, Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman may already be an early favorite as one of this summer’s biggest movies.

An international trailer released last week revealed some new footage, but it will likely be quite some time until another domestic trailer is released. While we wait for that to be unveiled, four new photos have surfaced, along with a set visit report that has seemingly confirmed a long-standing rumor about who the true villain really is.

First off, the French magazine Studio Cine Live has released four new photos, while Les Etoiles Heroiques has translated their report from the set of this superhero adventure.

The magazine got to speak with Chris Pine, who reveals some very interesting details about his character, Steve Trevor, during World War I. Here’s what the actor had to say about what his character was up to before meeting Diana of Themyscira.

“I play a pilot who works for the Allies and spies on the Germans without their knowledge. My character steals a notebook filled with scientific formulas in an Ottoman base, he steals a plane but is shot down in the open sea.”

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