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Windows 10 Finally Has a Blue Light Filter and It’s Brilliant

Windows 10 Finally Has a Blue Light Filter and It’s Brilliant

The recently-launched Windows 10 build 15002 comes with a brand-new blue light filter that offers functionality similar to the f.lux app that’s already available cross-platform, not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices.

Simply called “blue light filter,” the new Windows 10 feature is supposed to automatically adjust the amount of blue light generated by your monitor to make the screen friendlier with your eyes during the night.

“Displays emit blue light – the kind of light you see during the day. Windows can show warmer colors to make it easier to sleep at night,” Microsoft says in the description of the feature.

Right now, Windows 10 comes only with the essential settings, and lets you adjust color temperature, but also set up a schedule to have the feature kick in automatically when you want. Additionally, if you keep the location system turned on, the blue light filter can be enabled at sunset without any user input.

The hands-on experience

We’ve tried the blue light filter and we can confirm that it indeed works correctly and the simple fact that it comes with just the essential configuration makes it easy to use even for the average Joe.

And having it automatically enabled at sunset is definitely a neat option, mostly for those who simply want to use it during the night without any other settings.

Another small feature that’s super useful is the quick action that allows users to turn on the blue light filter at any given moment with just a couple of clicks or taps, without having to browse the Settings menus.

There are users saying that Microsoft is kind of late to the party because there are platforms already offering such a feature, as is the case of Apple which has a similar so-called Night Shift feature since iOS 9.

As far as Windows users are concerned, however, a blue light filter was already available with third-party apps, while on platforms like iOS, similar solutions were more or less controversial.

For the moment, the new Windows 10 blue light filter is only available for insiders in the Fast ring, but everyone should get it with the release of the Creators Update in April. As usual, insiders are strongly recommended to submit feedback and have this feature improved before it sees daylight in stable Windows. Source: Softpedia

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