What will Education look like in 2075?

What will Education look like in 2075?
What will Education look like in 2075?

The Advantages of Online Education

One advantage of the decline of relying on specific buildings for your education will be a lower cost per class. Professors today already frequently work out of a home office. If everyone teaching classes for Masters in Business Administration online worked from home or rotated through a small set of classrooms.

The overhead for the “school” will be much lower than it is today. This will make college courses much more affordable, though online MBA programs today are often as expensive as their on-campus courses.

Acceptance of Online Credentials

The online education field has been used for supplementation and tutoring for several years, but what has not yet become widespread is the awarding of degrees recognized by employers.

Employers are starting to realize that employees especially need to earn a Masters in Business Administration online because it is the only way to fit higher education into their work and personal schedules. This is leading employers to accept online MBA programs as equally valid as the brick and mortar school.

The few exceptions to this are where hands-on learning is essential, such as the skilled trades. Even here, augmented reality and virtual reality will allow even small campuses and classrooms in public buildings to bring excellent education to everyone who wants it. In 2075, online education for all levels of education, kindergarten through post-secondary education will be the norm for almost all areas. Source:

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