What will Education look like in 2075?

What will Education look like in 2075?
What will Education look like in 2075?

Education is a field in dire need for change, and technology and institutions are already in place to bring about rapid and massive change in education. What will education look like in 2075? Let’s look at the trends taking place today that will reshape education in the future.

The Decline of Brick and Mortar Institutions

Online classes (mostly without credit) at other major colleges followed open courses by MIT. MOOC (massive open online courses) offer people a chance to sample subjects before signing up for paid college credit, gain a refresher in a subject for free, or learn about a subject on their own without paying for college credit.

The massive online classes for bachelor and master’s level subjects are a drop in the bucket, though, compared to online K-12 programs. Whether it is’s online home-schooling program, Khan Academy’s growing lexicon of lessons to aid parents and students alike, or the expanding set of online courses for religious home-schoolers, all of these sites have one thing in common. They are all acclimating students and families alike to using the computer at home in place of sending their child into the classroom.

By 2030, a large subset of the adult population will be educated in part or entirely through the computer at some point in their academic lives. In addition, being told they have to pay money to travel to a brick and mortar classroom to be lectured will seem like a waste of time and money.

They will increasingly prefer online MBA programs to the limited schedules and course selection of the nearby colleges. By 2075, it will seem elitist if not retro to go to physical building all day to learn what you could learn online on your own schedule, at your own pace.

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