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‘The Flash’ Season 3 will introduce Solovar, Gorilla Grodd’s nemesis

“The Flash” Season 3 will return following its midseason break and when it does the heroes will be heading back to Earth-2 and Gorilla City, where Gorilla Grodd was sent to stay in. Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that Grodd would appear in two episodes and will now have to face his rival from the comic books, Solovar.

“One of the episodes will take place in Gorilla City on Earth-2,” iDigital Times quoted Kreisberg during the Television Critics Association Winter press tour. “One of them will take place on Earth-1.”

It was also confirmed that actor Keith David would be voicing Solovar and that David Sobolov would reprise his role as the voice of Grodd. Keith David is primarily known for his work in the “Riddick” films, “The Nice Guys” and the voice of the Arbiter in the “Halo” video games.

Solovar is described as the original ruler of Gorilla City until Grodd came in and took over the throne. This would also make sense in the television adaptation given that Gorilla City was already present when Grodd was placed there, according to Collider.

Grodd’s arrival would indicate Solovar had been challenged and defeated. If Grodd attempts to launch an attack in Earth-2 or Earth-1 then the Flash (Grant Grustin) and his allies may turn to Solovar for assistance, making him a temporary ally.

Solovar and Grodd were not the only plot details shared during the TCA press tour. Kreisberg also teased that the show would shift its tone and direction now that the goal was to alter a predestined future instead of altering the past, an aspect the series has not yet done before.

Kreisberg further explained that “The Flash” may introduce the Black Flash, a speedster in the comic books often portrayed as the grim reaper. Kreisberg did state they have stories already planned for his appearance but he did not confirm if Teddy Sears would be coming back to play the character. Source: Yibada

“The Flash” Season 3 will return with episode 10 on Jan. 24. The official promo for the episode can be viewed below:

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