Tesla Motors’ Software Could Become Even Better Under Its New Autopilot Software VP

Tesla Motors just named the newest member of its crew, the former project lead for Apple’s Switch programming language Chris Lattner. Lattner was named Vice President of Autopilot Software and being one of the best people in the field, Elon Musk’s tech company is definitely planning to maintain its reputation for being the gold standard for hybrid cars.

Tesla Names New Vice President

In a press release on Tuesday, Jan. 10, Tesla Motors named Chris Latter as the newest addition to its engineering team. After being with Apple for about 11 years, Lattner decided to move to Tesla and lead the Autopilot Software division.

This is a major move for Tesla since the Autopilot division, which used to be under the control of Jinnah Hosein, the software head for SpaceX.

With its growing competition in the industry, Tesla’s move to put someone to head the Autopilot division would allow it to stay on top of its game.

Faraday Future may not be an imminent threat to Tesla despite the fact that the company plans to launch the most ambitious electric car yet. However, more companies are entering the industry and Tesla has never been complacent about its competition.

Tesla Software Updates

Tesla Motors has been working on continuously improving its fleet. Just on Sunday, Jan.8, the company’s CEO announced that the company will roll out an Autopilot software upgrade.

The update dubbed as Autopilot 2.0 will be made on the first 1,000 units. This upgrade will run in shadow mode and if nothing goes wrong for a week, it will start running in active mode. The same upgrade will also be made on all other cars in the fleet.

This upgrade will allow the vehicles to catch up with Tesla’s first-generation vehicles and this will also make P100D vehicles even faster. Aside from that, there will be additional features to make the vehicles even better.

Tesla has been doing great even with its current setup. Under its new Autopilot Software Vice President, consumers could look forward to even better things from Musk’s tech company. Source: Itechpost

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