Puma Punku: an ancient site far more COMPLEX than the Pyramids at Giza?

Puma Punku: an ancient site far more COMPLEX than the Pyramids at Giza?

Let’s take a step back into history, thousands of years ago and compare two fascinating ancient sites; Puma Punku and The Pyramid’s located at the Giza Plateau. It is believed that both of these sites were created WITHOUT the use of any kind of technology other than primitive tools.

Puma Punku is located some 45 miles west of La Paz, high in the Andes Mountains. The megalithic stones at Puma Punku are considered as being some of the largest and most intricately worked stones on the surface of the planet, and according to some authors, far more complex than the Pyramids at Giza.

In fact, several authors will agree that Puma Punku is so unique in the way that it was constructed, shaped and positioned, that it is the most intriguing ancient site on the planet.

If you look at the stones carefully, you can see some intricate stonework, as though the ancient builders of the site used highly advanced tools. Evidence of ancient civilizations using modern technology?

What kind of technology did ancient people at Puma Punku use over 12,000 years ago, that allowed them to create fascinating monuments that defy logic? Sticks and stones, and primitive tools?

Puma Punku features incredible stones with perfect right angles, almost smooth as glass, making this Andean site one of the most unique places on Earth.

Many agree that the biggest mystery involving Puma Punku is how ancient mankind managed to transport huge blocks of stone from quarries located 10 to 100 km away. However, the ancient Egyptians managed to transport limestone located at quarries over 500 kilometers away from the Pyramids.

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