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Nintendo Switch Event: Expectations, Air Time & Success Probability

The Nintendo Switch has been on gamers’ minds for months now, the reveal trailer of which only added hype to the already anticipated console.

And while there is definitely still question surrounding the device – such as power, battery life, and graphic capabilities – it is basically already a success. Fortunately, the public will get to know about the insides of the device during the Nintendo Switch Presentation.

The Nintendo Switch Presentation will kick off in Tokyo at 8 PM local time. But before the official specifications of the device are unveiled, there are definitely some expectations about the device. Whether or not the Japanese company will be able to deliver on these will remain a mystery until the event on January 13.

As Digital Trends points out, the Nintendo Switch is expected to continue the trend of unconventional playing – as the reveal trailer pretty much confirmed.

Other than a home docked device, the unit can also morph into a portable handheld game. Moreover, the unit can accommodate multiple players either alone or when connected to other consoles.

And if the trailer is anything to go by, the transition between each phase should be a seamless one. Games are expected to go from television set to the portable screen without a hitch.

This same graceful transition is expected in the physicality of the Nintendo Switch, as the controllers seem to easily whip in and out without losing their effectivity.

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