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Nintendo NES Classic: How To Find Stores With Stocks Of This Console?

Even though holidays are over, still, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES game console stocks are very hard to find in any stores. Here is a way for you to find stores with stocks of the most in-demand game console, the Nintendo NES Classic.

How To Find Stores With Stocks Of The Nintendo NES Classic?

According to Mobile & Apps, Nintendo significantly miscalculated the demand for the Mini NES Classic Edition gaming console. Since November, which is the month where the device was launched, there has been a deficiency in the stocks of the console.

As a matter of fact, the shortage led to the rise in the price of the Nintendo NES Edition being retailed on other party sellers such as Amazon and eBay. Selected stores are receiving limited numbers of NES Classic on a daily basis, as reported by I4U.

The online availability of the this most in-demand game console is dire. To indicate some, here’s a report from Shopko and Best Buy stocks of the NES Classic. Shopko has sold the NES on the last day of 2016. The NES Classic was available at Best Buy online on Jan. 4 around four in the afternoon.

In addition to that, GameStop sold some NES Classic in bundles on Dec. 29, 2016. While Amazon has sold the NES Classic in very limited quantities and only in selected cities in the past days as well.

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