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Microsoft’s Dropped A Huge Windows 10 Preview Build 15002

Microsoft's Dropped A Huge Windows 10 Preview Build 15002
Shopper checks out products in the Microsoft Store at the City Creek Center looking for 'Black Friday' deals on November 25, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo : Getty Images/George Frey)

Microsoft has already dropped the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002.The new update has so many improvements especially the new screen of death that helps find bug in it Here are some of it listed by PCWorld with a little detail on what’s it all about:

Tiles in the Start Menu can now be placed into folders

As reported in Express, Windows users can now make a custom folder on the Start menu to declutter it. To use it, just drop an app on top of another and name the folder. Microsoft also made it possible to make custom subgroups inside the Notifications drawer. This new feature is made for a tidier Start Menu and Notifications drawer.

Scaling, snipping, and sharing improvements

These new features ensure that desktop icons do not change size or shift positions randomly when you dock your laptop. Changes in sharing contents using the Snipping Tool has also been added.

Suggested Cortana commands

Cortana now auto-suggests commands based on what you are typing. Reminders can now be scheduled monthly for recurring events.

On-demand Windows Refresh in Windows Defender

The new Windows Defender has options to run full, quick or advanced scans with a report on your computer’s health. A new addition is the Refresh Windows command within the Defender itself.

Blue-light controls in Settings

Build 155002 allows you to automatically lower the amount of blue light-causes cancer, obesity and disrupts the circadian rhythms that help us sleep-emitted by your computer after a given time via a new menu in the Settings.

You can now restore the screen resolution controls to a prominent position through the upgraded Display Setting options page. A new settings page for the Surface Dial, Touchpad, and better theme management is also made available as well as an option to control “cross device” experiences.

Narrator upgrades

The Narrator can now be accessed by pressing CTRL+Win+Enter. It has been added to the WinPE setup environment and WinRE recovery environment. Source: latinpost

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