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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Update: Three Intel Kaby Lake Variants With 4K Screen Arriving in March

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Update: Three Intel Kaby Lake Variants With 4K Screen Arriving in March

Microsoft is said to be working on a new version of a 2-in-1 tablet dubbed Surface Pro 5, which it plans to launch by March 2017. Pegatron Electronics will manufacture the device, DigiTimes reported citing Chinese-based publication Economic Daily News. The report adds that the new 2-in-1 will come with an Ultra HD display, a magnetic charging stylus.

Other than that, the report remained silent on the other Surface Pro 5 features and specifications. Speculations and rumors, however, give a pretty neat idea on the future of the next-gen tablet cum laptop device.


As things stand, Microsoft is highly expected to ship Surface Pro 5 with the recently unveiled Kaby Lake chipset. Intel revealed 40 different chipsets of their Kaby Lake series at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Previous reports dished that the arrival of Kaby Lake was what led to delay in the release of the device.

The Redmond giant will roll out three different variants of the Surface Pro 5, reports iTechPost. There will be an entry-level Core M (dual-core) processor variant, a mid-range Core i5 (dual core and two threads) and a higher-end variant with a Core i7 (quad-core and eight threads) processor. The Kaby Lake series will have much higher turbo frequencies, faster clock speeds, and an overall better battery life.


The next 2-in1 flagship will incorporate Ultra HD 4K resolution display, possibly with 4320 x 2160 pixels. On other hand, the company is rumored to go with a IPS Touch instead of Super AMOLED screen. It is likely the the next-gen Surface Pro will sport a similar 12.3-inch display like its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4.


Furthermore, TechRadar suggests Microsoft will upgrade its Surface Pen stylus accessory. Several patents uncovered earlier this year show a stylus that features a rechargeable battery system. The patent details a magnetic charging dock built in the device itself to give the new Surface Pen its power.

In addition, several other upgrades are coming to the Surface Pro 5. Microsoft will bring USB Type-C support as a default to all its newer devices. Microsoft would also introduce higher RAM configuration with 16GB upgrade as well 512GB storage options. The camera setup in the Pro 5 is due for upgrade too and Carl Zeiss sensors will probably headline the device.


The base model with an Intel i5 is said to start at $899, while the one with an Core i7 starts at $999. The top end device will start for $1,599 with an i7 Extreme processor. Price will also go up with the additional storage space and other sorts of configurations. For more updates and leaks on the same, stay tuned for for same. Source: thebitbag

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