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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Conflicting Rumors

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Conflicting Rumors
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Conflicting Rumors

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is the hot topic in today’s tech community. Although it is clear that the device will be available with the Kaby Lake processor, it is still unclear when the device hit the consumer market. The company is silent about the release date, which makes the speculations even more confusing.

Previously, the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was postponed to 2017. One of the rumors stated that the company is planning to debut its upcoming devices at MWC in February. On the other hand, another speculation revealed that the company might upgrade its flagship series in mid-April.


While everyone is waiting for the official announcement of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, rumors are adding some excitement to the consumers. Some of the tech experts revealed that the company is going to debut its device at MWC in Feb.

Others disclosed that the company is planning a spring event to launch the flagship device. Following the successful release of Pro 4 in October 2015, October 2016 was the best time to launch the succeeding device.

But the company allegedly postponed the launch due to technical issues as the company wanted to provide the device with Kaby Lake processor. The new surface hardware was limited to the new surface Book i7 and the Surface Studio. So, the fans can expect the upcoming device in spring 2017.


After the CES 2017 event, the entire tech giant is set on hold for the event coming later next month. Some of the reports said that the company is going to unveil its Surface Pro series at one of the major events in February.

It is possible that the company will debut its hybrid tablet along with other generation devices. The latest leaks appeared on a Chinese website. It claimed that the company gave the manufacturing contract for the Surface Pro 5 to Pegatron, which is also the manufacturer of Surface Studio.

The reports even stated that the upcoming tablet is having the 4K display with a keyboard and stylus support. Wireless charging is also the most innovative feature for the tablet. Sourcethebitbag

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