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Fossil Smartwatch Takes Bold Fashion Steps To Somewhere Competitors Couldn’t Follow; Entire Spring 2017 Collection in Review

While Apple plans to launch one new smartwatch every year, Fossil Group announced that it would launch 100 different wearables in 2016. Now, the fashion slash tech company plans to release 300 new wearable products in 2017. These products include activity trackers, hybrid smartwatches, and Touchscreen smartwatches.

Fossil Group head of strategy Greg McKely said their customers want connectivity and style, which is why they try to integrate tech features to the style and lifestyle of the users, Enterprise Innovation reported.

They have been focused on the design-first strategy when developing their products. This business style has brought in positive receptions from both the customers and their retail partners, who both have increasing demand for Fossil’s wearable products.

Company’s Bold Fashion Steps

Fossil is more of a fashion company than a tech company, which is why it releases new Android Wear smartwatches and analog smart watches that would fit every season, Digital Trend reported. They develop their products based on materials, color trends, fashionable features, and various dial designs. Fossil believes that wearable products are something that users would be proud to wear; especially the women and those watch collectors.

Entire Spring 2017 Collection in Review

Fossil revealed various designs for its new Q Accomplice watches, Q Grant hybrids, and Q Modern Pursuit during the CES 2017. Fossil also launched Armani Exchange watches, which is a first of its kind. Meanwhile, Fossil-owned Misfit is somehow a precursor of the Vapor, which is a classy fitness watch with great AMOLED screen.

New Fossil smartwatch models have the same functionality to the Fossil watches that are presently in the market. One good example is the recent Q Crewmaster. It has two smartphone actions on the watch’s side buttons.

Meanwhile, the Accomplice could be one of the most fashionable smartwatches by Fossil since it is more attractive with its less bulky body. With all these options to choose from, the customers can be sure that they will find a design that will fit their style and lifestyle. Source: universityherald

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