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Fitbit Buys Smartwatch Manufacturer Vector

Fitbit Buys Smartwatch Manufacturer Vector
Fitbit Buys Smartwatch Manufacturer Vector

No financial terms were disclosed, but Vector says that no new watches would be launched under its own brand, most likely as its technology would be integrated into products launching under the Fitbit series.

All Vector Watch devices will work just like before and technical support will continue being offered, but no new features would be added. Furthermore, Vector says that faces for Vector Luna and Meridian will continue to be accepted, although after this announcement, developer interest is likely to drop.

“Future hardware updates will not be included. Vector Watch products with the Luna, Meridian and BMW i Limited Edition collections can still be purchased at selected retailers in our worldwide list,” Vector said in an announcement today.

Fitbit getting closer to first smartwatch

Vector is the second smartwatch company that Fitbit purchases in the last 12 months after Pebble, and this obviously fuels rumors that the firm is indeed planning to launch its very own smartwatch in the coming future.

Not much is known about Fitbit’s smartwatch plans, but it’s believed that the firm was specifically targeting the technology owned by Pebble and Vector in order to incorporate it into its own design for a future smartwatch.

At this point, Fitbit is a leader in activity tracking devices, but it lacks the necessary technology to build a smartwatch, so with the assets it gets after taking over Pebble and Vector, the firm should be able to invest more into building a device that features both its advanced activity tracking features and smartwatch capabilities.

It’s believed that Fitbit is specifically targeting the Apple Watch with its own smartwatch, and people close to the matter have indicated that the company is also aiming to offer similar features, including a payment system that would make it possible to pay for items without the need for a phone or credit card.

Several Fitbit devices are expected as soon as this year, including the rumored smartwatch, but specifics are not available right now. The purchase of Vector, however, seems to confirm that the smartwatch business is becoming a priority for Fitbit. Source: softpedia

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