Exclusive: This image could be the world’s first look at the Galaxy S8

Exclusive: This image could be the world’s first look at the Galaxy S8

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phones are always among the most hotly anticipated handsets of the year, but the Galaxy S8 is something more. After a tumultuous holiday season that followed the unprecedented cancellation of the company’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, Samsung must now set itself on a path toward regaining consumers’ trust.

The company isn’t off to a good start at all, in light of recent news that Samsung’s leader has been officially named as a suspect in a scandalous political bribery probe that could ultimately see South Korea’s president removed from office.

It’s a tough time indeed for the world’s top smartphone maker by volume, but the company hopes that its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship will help it turn a corner. Now, BGR has exclusively obtained an image that may be the world’s first look at the Galaxy S8 handset.

In a recent post, BGR recapped everything we think we know so far about the upcoming Galaxy S8. We’re expecting not one but two new Galaxy S8 models to be released by Samsung this coming April, though conflicting reports can’t seem to agree on the form factors.

We know one will be the main handset and the second will be a larger version, just like last year’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. What is unknown, however, is whether both phones will feature curved edges or if we can expect a flat Galaxy S8 and a curved Galaxy S8 edge.

In terms of specs, the US model will be powered by the new octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, while the global model will feature a similar processor designed and built by Samsung.

We’re also expecting an updated Quad HD Super AMOLED display that occupies much more of the Galaxy S8’s face than we’ve seen on earlier models. Samsung’s signature oblong home button will reportedly be removed so that the bottom bezel can be made smaller, and the top bezel will be smaller as well.

It’s currently unclear if the phone’s fingerprint scanner will be relocated to the back of the phone, or if it will be embedded beneath the display itself, which is what we’re expecting from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.

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