Apple AR Smart Glasses Made With Carl Zeiss Being Developed, Along With Transparent iPhone 8

Apple AR Smart Glasses Made With Carl Zeiss Being Developed, Along With Transparent iPhone 8

Apple is teaming up with German optics powerhouse, Carl Zeiss AG, to work on a lightweight pair of AR glasses according to leading augmented reality expert Robert Scoble. Apple’s smart glasses could be released during Apple’s iPhone 8 September event or in early 2018.

Scoble posted the latest leak on his Facebook page stating that a Zeiss employee confirmed the news. He further stated that although Carl Zeiss was present at the Consumer Electronics Show, they didn’t present augmented reality despite sitting right in middle of the AR area. Apple is supposedly keeping its AR project a secret.

Similar rumors from other sources have been heard for the past couple of months, reports BGR. The publication cited a Bloomberg report that claimed Apple ordered “small quantities of near-eye displays from one supplier for testing.” In addition, reliable Apple leakster, Ming Chi Kuo stated in his research paper, that Apple is prepping to release AR technology that will take over the rivals by three to five years.

In the last few months there also have been numerous reports of Apple employing AR and VR specialists. These include Zeyu Li, an engineer from the AR-centric startup Magic Leap and scientist Yury Petrov, former employee from Oculus


Of course, nothing is known at this point of the rumored Apple AR Smart Glasses. Scoble’s earlier speculations, however, point towards development of a transparent iPhone 8 that will work with the digital glasses.

Scoble had hinted back in October that Apple was working on a new iPhone that will be made from just a clear piece of glass. The device will have a computing chip beneath the device. Also it will feature AI and augmented and virtual reality.

The iPhone 8 and the possible AR smart glasses will wirelessly connect with each other to give the AR experience. The wearer will be able to use various apps and features with the near-eye display. The devices will even possibly work with the newer range of Apple Watches. Possibilities for such device are indeed immense.

Still, Scoble is not known for delivering reliable information. It is one of the news that should be taken with a grain of salt. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the Apple AR Smart Glasses and related iPhone 8 rumors and more. Source: Thebitbag

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