Alien Surfaces at Infamous Santa Monica’s UFO Wreckage?

Alien Surfaces at Infamous Santa Monica's UFO Wreckage?
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 01: Confetti falls throughout Times Square during the New Years Eve celebration on January 1, 2013 in New York City. An estimated one million revelers from around the world endured long hours of cold weather to have a front seat to this year's star studded celebration. (Photo : Photo by Christopher Gregory/Getty Images)

It is always great and mysterious news when a UFO is seen or captured entering the realms of our world. They prove to be great experimental matter, and with every UFO that lands on earth, we gain more information on the extra-terrestrial world.

On New Year’s day, a crashed UFO made its way to a Santa Monica alleyway where it lay broken near a couple of trash cans. Sources like SMObserved state that the alien occupant inside had left its broken down transport machine.

Not just that but a Christmas tree that was somewhere in the alley proved to be a great snack for the little fella’. Some say that the UFO must have been brought down by the incessant gun firing that took place over the skies of Texas.

And other reports state that it might be a 2-decade old NASA launch that faced malfunctioning and lost its way in space. Or maybe it was something awesome and new to start off 2017 right. And perhaps the latter could be true.

Tyron Osborne claimed to have witnessed a UFO lit aflame on the 28th of December, 2016 over the skies of Britain’s Devon. Thankfully the 52 year old was aware this was a once in a lifetime discovery and he quickly grabbed his camera to record the moment. EastDevon24 has all the pictures.

That UFO which was seen over the port town, Exmouth in Devon was sighted by Tyron on Wednesday around 1 PM in the afternoon. Some say that the orbiting UFO may have been the same one that was seen over the UK. If not, then there is still one out there.

Although many people connect UFOs with aliens and ET life, that cannot yet be assured and certified. Because the evidence that is provided is so weak and of low quality, nothing can be assumed, calculated or even proven. Yet the hearts of many stay hopeful.

But that is not a hard and fast rule for many times out of this world evidence has come along with crashed UFOs. UrbanGhostsMedia has the truest and most shocking stories that have truly happened and there is no use denying it. Sourcelawyerherald

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