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Nintendo Switch price, specs, release date: Video game console, Wii U cost the same?

The Nintendo Switch price is now thought to be around $250 thanks to a retailer leak and the prediction of a reliable Japanese paper. It is also close to the Wii U’s price.

The Nintendo Switch is likely to retail at around $250 in Japan and worldwide, according to Nikkei, as cited by Engadget. The estimate of the Japanese paper, which successfully predicted the Nintendo DSi and the Wii U launch prices, could be the best ballpark price for the hybrid gaming console.

Wall Street analysts have also expected that the Nintendo Switch will be priced not more than $300 if they want to compete with the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

In addition, the hardware capabilities of the hybrid game console are also untested at the moment with speculations pointing to another inferior creation from Nintendo in terms of graphics.

There are several factors that can affect the final Nintendo Switch launch price such as the exchange rates and taxes. Japan may see a cheaper price overall considering that it is the home country of the video game company.

Lowering the price for the Nintendo Switch would also be in the company’s best interests as the $300 price tag of the Wii U was a factor why it flopped, Forbes reported. A sub $250 price tag will also make the console more attractive compared to the expensive competitors.

Gamers across the globe were astonished when the Nintendo Switch trailer was revealed. The TV demonstration with Jimmy Fallon was also another big hit as they showed the seamless transition of the portable mode switching as the game did not lag for the duration of the switch.

Nintendo Switch specs, price and release dates are expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Jan. 12 and Jan. 13 event from the company. The final price may be a bit higher or lower than the estimated $250 tag. Source: Yibada

Watch the debut of the Nintendo Switch below:

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