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Netflix launches video game featuring characters from Netflix Originals

Netflix has recently launched a brand new video game that features four characters from its original shows. The game is an endless runner and utilizes retro-style, 8-bit graphics.

The game’s four main characters are Mike Wheeler from “Stranger Things,” Piper Chapman from “Orange is the New Black,” “Pablo Escobar from “Narcos” and Marco Polo from “Marco Polo.” Marvel-Netflix characters like Daredevil do not make an appearance, Bleeding Cool reported.

Regardless of which character is chosen, the objective of the game is to run as far as possible without running into an obstacle. These obstacles can range from enemy soldiers found in “Narcos” or kitchen appliances from “Orange is the New Black.”

Jumping and double jumping are the only mechanics gamers can perform. There are power-ups that can be obtained through the levels and gathering enough of these gives the player temporary immunity to obstacles, allowing them to run right through them. This power-up quickly runs out, however.

There are no options to alter the game resolution. There are also no options to change which key is used to jump.

Choosing a character will also determine the aesthetics of their stage. Picking Marco Polo will set the stage in China while choosing Mike Wheeler will set the game in a forest and small town neighborhood. The obstacles are also altered to suit the chosen character.

The music is also different depending on the character chosen, Gamespot reported. All of the music is done in retro-style chiptunes but are all reminiscent of the theme songs found in the respective television shows.

Netflix has not yet confirmed how long the game will be up online. The streaming giant has also yet to confirm if the game will be ported to mobile devices seeing as similar titles thrive more on the mobile market. Several popular mobile games, such as “Temple Run” and “Despicable Me,” are endless runners. Source: Yibada

A preview video showcasing the game in action can be viewed below:

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