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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release: Windows 10 Hybrid Debuting On Q1 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release: Windows 10 Hybrid Debuting On Q1 2017
(Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images) A new Microsoft Surface Book sits on display at a media event for new Microsoft products on October 6, 2015 in New York City. Microsoft also unveiled a virtual reality gaming head set titled the HoloLens, a tablet titled the Surface Pro 4 and a phone titled the Lumia 950.

Microsoft is planning to release its latest addition to its Surface Pro line. With Apples’ MacBook Pro 2016 drawing flak from all corners of the tech world, it seems to be an opportune moment for Microsoft to release its beast of a device. Apple’s MacBook Pro was mainly criticized for its underpowered specs considering it was updated after such a long wait.

The Cupertino Company opting for an Intel Skylake chipset and limiting RAM capacity to just 16 GB angered a lot of its users. Although Apple justified its device citing energy-efficiency reasons, a new problem in the form of poor battery life has come up reports, counsel&heal.

All the disappointment with MacBook Pro has led people to shift their attention to the hybrid Windows 10 laptop from Microsoft which is promising to be big this year. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is speculated to be released by the first quarter of 2017.

The Redmond company is rumored to be delaying the release of the all powerful Intel Kaby Lake chipset. This 2-in-1 tablet gives buyers a flexible solution as it can act both as a tablet or a laptop but the power underneath is what makes it a major player. As Apple is busy doing damage control it should watch out for the Surface Pro line as it has been slowly trying to dominate the market creating a niche for itself.

Surface Pro has always caught the fancy of people searching for a true hybrid design. The laplet gives all the power of a laptop with the compact tablet design with a detachable keyboard, a department where other manufacturers have miserably failed in past. According to, Surface Pro could feature a 4K display with 16 GB of RAM.

The latest edition of Surface Pro might feature an ultra-HD display, a stylus with magnetic charging capability and the push for Pegatron technology. Various other specs can be expected in the coming weeks as the release is nearing us. Sourcemusictimes

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