Finder for AirPods application pulled by Apple without explanation

Apple has decided to take down the Finder for AirPods application in their App Store. The app was a genuinely useful one and the Cupertino-based tech giant’s decision has puzzled users.

The Apple AirPods have been criticized for being badly designed products for iPhone 7 owners. They were wireless earbuds that can be easily lost without the utmost care. They were also expensive and losing them meant buying a piece or the whole set again which costs $159.

Finder for AirPods was not a free app and costs $4 but it was a cheap alternative to buying a piece of the lost earbud which costs $69 each, Business Insider has learned. The app uses the Bluetooth connection between the AirPods and the iPhone 7 to see if they are far away or near the user.

Finding the AirPods can be quite difficult since they are tiny and wireless. With the app as a guide, the users will know the general direction or area to search for the small earbuds. It will also tell them if the devices are in the room or not.

Developer Deucks said in a statement obtained by Apple Insider that Apple did not like the concept of the Finder for AirPods app so they pulled it down from the store. Apple themselves have not made a comment regarding the issue.

The decision to take down the app is puzzling considering that it was approved in the first place. iPhone 7 owners may still be able to use the app if they did not remove it from their devices.

Apple AirPods are also available for non-iPhone 7 owners as it can be connected via Bluetooth connection. There have been dozens of video parodies that make fun of the wireless devices being easily lost. Users need to be meticulous in taking care of the said earbuds if they do not want to lose it. Source: Yibada

Watch a review of the Apple AirPods below:

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