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Asus ZenBook 3, Almost Identical To Apple’s MacBook With Subtle Differences

Asus ZenBook 3, Almost Identical To Apple’s MacBook With Subtle Differences
A review of the Asus ZenBook 3 with comparison with Apple's MacBook Air ( MobileTechReview / YouTube )

The Asus Zenbook lineup has been heavily inspired by the Apple MacBook Air series to the point where it is being accused of directly copying the same. That inspiration continues with the unveiling of the Asus ZenBook 3, this time “inspired” by Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, according to a report by Expert Reviews.

The two devices, on the outside anyway, look very similar, except for the fact that the Asus brand has a blue color and has concentric circles on the lid. Look even closer and you will see a few more differences. The Asus device is slimmer than its Apple counterpart at 11.9mm thick, and a tad lighter too at 910g. Although the MacBook device has a more stretched display at 16:10.

The big difference between the two has to be the performance. The ZenBook 3 sports a seventh-gen dual-core i5 processor clocked at 2.5Hz with 8GB of RAM. You may also choose a variant that has the Core i7, if you prefer spending a few more dollars that is. The Macbook, on the other hand, boasts an ultra-low-power Core m chip inside.

The model with the Core i5 is more than enough for the average user as it scored 43 in the 4K benchmarking tests, compared to the miserable 24 that the MacBook scored on the same tests. The ZenBook is more than capable of keeping up with your workloads.

The biggest disappoint however, is the battery performance. With continuous video-playback test, the Zenbook only lasted 6 hours and 52 minutes, whereas the MacBook reached 10 hours and 12 minutes on the same test, which is literally a no contest between the two.

What do you think of the Asus ZenBook 3? Do you think it’s better than the Apple counterpart? Write and share your thoughts on the comments section below. You may also subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive the latest news and updates. Source: mobilenapps

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