Adient Debuts Its Luxury Seats For Autonomous Cars At The Detroit Auto Show

Big companies and startups alike have been working and developing on future technology to make an autonomous vehicle as relaxing and reliable as it can be. They have been researching on aerodynamic designs that feature the most comfort for its occupants while not compromising safety.

There is one thing, however, that could be the major deal breaker of these cars when it comes to comfort, that would be the seats.

The Unsung Hero Of Car Comfort

Up to this date, car companies and tech developers have been talking about how good their autonomous hardware and software is. But of course, those things, no matter how good they are, would be a waste if the driver and occupants to not reach their optimum comfort position in their seats. That is the very reason that Adient, manufacturer of car seats, exist.

Formerly Part Of Johnson Control

Adient was formerly a part of Johnson Control’s Automotive Experience Division. The company just unveiled their concept of what futuristic seats would look like, feel like, and how it would function as part of an autonomous vehicle. None other than the vice president of Adient, Richard Chung, did the demonstration at the North American International Auto Show on Monday.

The A117 Car Seat Goes Way Beyond Luxury And Technology

The A117, is a luxury seat designed for autonomous vehicles and aims to give its occupants the comfort and ride quality that autonomous vehicles deserve. The front seats swivel whenever the doors open and closes, making entry and exit of the vehicle much easier than conventional car seats.

The seats can also switch to what the company calls “zero gravity” position once the vehicle fully engages in autonomous driving. The seat can go to a deep recline to provide the optimum position without causing unnecessary stress to the person seating,

The Adient A117 luxury car seats also feature controls that are embedded and rise up from the armrests. The rear seats also have features that can make it go to deeper reclines than the front seats. Chung said that the seats would be ready for production and for a commercial debut by the year 2020.

Manufacturers are targeting 2021 for fully functional autonomous vehicles, which means that they still have a chance to install the Adient seats in their cars before hitting public roads and highways.

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