Xbox One Review: Pros and Cons for Gamers, Parents

Xbox One Review: Pros and Cons for Gamers, Parents
Xbox One Review: Pros and Cons for Gamers, Parents

Early Support Issues

I heard one initial support issue includes a small percentage of DVD drives ejecting when you don’t want them to. I am also having issues with DIRECTV working, then not working (check cables, replace cables, works, does not work, back to the shop, support issues). The new unit works great — then 24 hours later the same error (0x8027025a) with the DIRECTV Genie HD DVR. I wonder when the update will come.

Setting Up Controls for Children

So now there is a new central unit in the living room for gaming and also for control of the TV. There are two profiles set — one for me and one for my 12-year-old. I recommend setting a password and passphrase for the master account that your kids will not know, just in case they try to log in as you.

An issue I have here is that if Junior tries repeatedly to do something he should not, suddenly I am having to reset my Microsoft passwords again, messing up all of my personal accounts, and my corporate and personal machines.

I’m getting tired of that issue and hope that Microsoft will find a better solution for this. The thing that baffles me the most so far is that Xbox One Parental Controls are not even as good as those on the XBOX 360. This is really disappointing.

Could We Have Better Parental Controls?

Xbox One is billed as a central device for the living room and it really does become that when you connect your cable provider to the unit and centralize the control. What I would like to do is set access controls for everyone else.

I would like parents to have one set of rules and children another. Rules would include the ability to set hours to access and total time of use per cycle. I would also like to have a reset time for the missing Family Timer. Setting it at midnight means kids would stay up to reset the clock — like on the Xbox 360.

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