Xbox One Review: Pros and Cons for Gamers, Parents

Xbox One Review: Pros and Cons for Gamers, Parents
Xbox One Review: Pros and Cons for Gamers, Parents

Microsoft released its Xbox One with some really unique marketing methods. It’s billed as the gaming machine of all gaming machines and promoted as a tool that will centralize your living room. But with great expectations come expectations that are never really met, leaving one hoping for an update to come soon that will solve the problems.

Unfortunately, Microsoft also breaks tradition, where in the past it has gone the extra mile to be backwards-compatible. No more. If you have a great collection of Xbox 360 discs, make sure you keep that old Xbox 360 plugged in. At least until you replace your games with the new Xbox One-compatible versions.

Uniquely Cool

Early units of Xbox One carry “Day One” branding which certainly is a unique way to instill demand for immediate purchasing before Black Friday. Some of the games carry this branding, too.

Later, when you buy another controller, you will find yourself battling to see who gets to use the Day One-branded controller (which is just like the controller that does not say Day One). You do have gamer creds on the line after all.

I’m impressed with the Voice Control functions, although I’m hoping to eventually remember key phrases better than I have so far. It is odd to find yourself sitting in front of the TV yelling at it for reasons other than a sporting event or the news.

Also saying, “Xbox turn on” reminds me a great deal of Captain Kirk saying something like, “Computer, put on main screen.” Impressive, though, is its recognition of what I say at normal volume levels even if I instinctively feel that I should talk louder than normal — I don’t.

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