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Three Reasons Why The Surface Phone Could Set A Turning Point For Microsoft

Although Microsoft is one of the most important tech companies in the history, its intention to extend its innovations to different fields has failed on some occasions, and one of the most famous is in smartphones businesses, given the fact that the company entered late and it hasn’t met expectations with any of its phones, getting far away from competitors Samsung, Apple, and even Google.

However, with the release of the highly-anticipated Surface Phone, Microsoft´s history could be entering to a turning point in which the tech giant could increase its power and popularity all over the world.

It Could Be The First Time That Microsoft Beat Apple In The Smartphone Businesses

Is there any kind of maximum rivalry n the tech business, Apple vs Microsoft would be some kind of Real Madrid against Barcelona, given the fact that both companies have been considered as the most historical tech giants in the history.

Although Microsoft was the colossus in the 80s and 90s, the Cupertino company started to rise since Steve Jobs came back as CEO, to the point in which Apple eventually became the most profitable company in the world.

Naturally, this rivalry has extended in many fields of technology, but the one in which Apple seems unbeatable is in the smartphone businesses, given the fact that the iPhone is practically the most popular and incredible mobile device in the world.

Although Microsoft has released some products of this kind, its performance hasn’t been exactly great, and comparing these phones with the iPhones is like comparing Lebron James with the superstar of a college basketball team.

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