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The Surface Phone Will Not Succeed Unless Microsoft Cleans Up Windows 10 Mobile

2016 was a great year for Microsoft, in large part because of the success of its Surface products. But the public’s attention has transferred to the upcoming Surface Phone, of which there is very confirmed details.

But while several leaks point to a powerful handheld device, filled to the brim with all the best specs currently available, there is one thing that the Redmond-based company must overcome in order to further its success – Windows 10 Mobile.

As Learn Bonds reports, the Surface Phone will be a powerful device, one that is likely to blow away the competition. The publication goes as far as to say that it will be like holding a full-fledged PC in your hands. And the concept of this is not hard to grasp, as the Surface line has really made a name for itself by producing and introducing hybrid devices to the market.

The public has therefore come to expect nothing short of a monster device in the form of the Surface Phone. The handheld is estimated to arrive with desktop-like processing power and efficiency .

But in the shape and size of a standard smartphone. The publication warns that the first generation of the handheld may not work to standards, but Microsoft has promised that it is working around the clock to produce a winner.

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