iMac 2017 latest news & update: Intel Kaby Lake powered desktops coming by second half of 2017

Intel’s celebrated Kaby Lake chipsets were finally unveiled at CES 2017 that includes 40 different models which are expected to be released soon. That said, Apple comes to mind with a potentially better MacBook Pro and/or iMac 2017.

To date, there is no official delivery schedule of the chipsets and such could hamper the release dates of an alleged MacBook Pro and iMac this 2017, Mac Rumors reported.

Of the chipsets, the S- and Y-Series are seen as the ones catered to the Apple all-in-one devices. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, are compatible with the H- and U-Series.

Apple is expected to release an iMac successor this year seeing that the hybrid has not gotten a refresh for two years now.

The only striking feature about the all-in-one is the 5K Retina display for the 27-inch variant and nothing else. This is seen as one of the reasons why the iMac has been lagging behind its competitors like the Microsoft Surface series.

The same case holds true for the MacBook Pro. Apple did launch a refreshed version in 2016 though it was armed with an Intel Skylake chipset and only 16 GB of RAM.

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