Honda Motors Develops A Self-Balancing Motor Riding Assist At Asimo’s House

At The CES 2017, Honda Motors had a demonstration of their newly developed self-balancing motorcycle that defies gravity and ensures a riders safety. The said motorcycle is equipped with the company’s Riding Assist Technology that helps riders maintain their balance even at low speeds.

According to Tech Times, the motorcycle company’s Riding Assist operates a technology that basically makes little adjustments to the bike’s front wheel to keep it balanced. The Japanese automobile company intends to modify its user-friendly NC75OS motorcycle that came with a Liquid-cooling 4-stroke 8-valve engine and having a displacement of 295.276 inches that enables the motorcycle to rev up a maximum torque of 68.0Nm at 4750 rpm.

The Japanese company came up with the technology to develop the said feature due to rampant motorcycle accidents in the world. But with the riding assist, it seems that the motorcyclist will have a peace of mind in riding one and pave a way to a safer of motorcycle buffs all over the world.

President and CEO of Honda R&D Co., Yoshiyuki Matsumoto shared a statement regarding the product. Matsumoto stated, “this technology was created based on our desire to create a motorcycle that gives people the option of riding with a peace of mind with a great possibility of not falling over.”

However, IBTimes reports that Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle is still a concept and there are no official news that the said product will be featured in any showroom. Honda’s R&D center in Wako, Japan or better known as “Asimo’s House”, has come up with many developments in the past that can help the future innovation.

But even with great concepts and ideas, the firm has never manufactured any actual products that consumers can actually purchase in the market. For now, enthusiast can patiently wait for the Japanese automobile manufacturer to develop and release the said product to the market. Source: mobilenapps

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