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Drone Accidents High; Experts Suggest Uneducated Users To Blame

With drones being one of the most advanced pieces of technology nowadays, it is almost a dream-come-true to acquire one. More so, if it was given as a present over the holidays.

Various brands of drones have surfaced recently and with it, the demand for the products seem to have increased. Sadly, unexpected circumstances involving these devices have caused a rather unpleasant experience to many tech patrons.

According to recent Twitter posts from multiple drone receivers and purchasers, the recent Christmas season was not entirely as merry, given that their devices either crashed, got stuck or flew away.

Some tweets declared that upon acquiring them on the day itself, their droens got lost right away. One of the users even posted on Nextdoor that their Christmas has been ruined ever since, The New York Times reports.

There were also even worse cases where the adults are the ones who lost the drones, instead of their more enthusiastic kids. Dr. Juan J. Alfonso, an aeronautics and astronautics professor at Stanford, spoke on the matter of educating the users on these devices — and not knowing how efficient the devices are.

“Mostly people bought small drones, up to $500 or $600. They’re probably novices who soon exceed capability of the drone or their own capability as a pilot. Most people have zero training,” Alfonso explained.

In relation to this, an app created by the Federal Aviation Administration provides users with instructions on drone use, where users are urged to abide by their regulations. These include not operating the drones in the dark, making sure that the drones are within a controlled distance and away from endangering people or other aircraft.

One of the more prominent brands for drones, DJI, ensured some safety protocols for their machines, such as auto-return and landing whenever the battery goes low, as well as avoiding obstacles. A “geofencing” feature also stops the device from flying near airports, nuclear facilities and government-based locations. Source: Mobilenapps

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