Apple Watch Series 3 To Be Released This Autumn 2017 [Report]

Apple Watch Series 3 To Be Released This Autumn 2017 [Report]
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It can be recalled that the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced at Apple’s event last September 7, 2016. The watch featured a dual-core processor, GPS, water resistance and brighter display. Well, there are reports which say Apple will be releasing it Apple Watch Series this autumn of 2017.

According to Business Insider, the new additional to the Apple watch series will be manufactured by Taiwan-based Quanta computer. The company aims to improve the battery efficiency-the main focus of the new device.

Apart from the increased battery life, the device won’t have any radical changes. The new watch is expected to look like the Series 2 which has Hermes, Nike and ceramic variants but some rumors expect different straps and a variety of new colors.

Some rumors also reported that the new Apple Watch will have multi-function bands. Macworld stated that according to an Apple Insider, Apple filed an interesting patent by the name of Magnetic Wristband which will feature a set of embedded magnets allowing its two sides to join together.

The front-facing camera for selfies and FaceTime is also rumored to appear on the Series 3. The camera feature was rumored to appear on the Series 2 but it was not included in the device.

Also, as reported, the new watch will be using an OLED display. OLED display features Micro LED panels which are lighter, thinner and do not require backlighting. It is also expected to provide better brightness and higher resolutions.

Health sensors are also rumored to be present. A heart rate and an activity tracking offering a standard level of fitness tracking is expected to be on the device but Tim Cook has stated that it is not the new Apple Watch but a different device.
The new Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be released this September 2017, a year after its predecessor. Its price may range from £369 for the 38 mm and £399 for the 42 mm. Source: latinpost

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