MacBook Pro Saves Man Life In Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

MacBook Pro Saves Man Life In Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
The shooting rampage at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale airport left many injured and five dead. However, a 37-year-old man miraculously survived the ordeal as his life was saved by the MacBook Pro. ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images )

The shooting rampage at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport – which left five people dead – has shaken America. In the midst of this nightmare unfolding for unsuspecting travelers, there was an unsung hero – the MacBook Pro.

For the unfamiliar, on Friday, Jan. 6, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago pulled out a gun from his checked-in luggage and suddenly opened fire on innocent people who were collecting their luggage from Fort Lauderdale airport’s baggage claim area. Santiago – who was later arrested – wounded eight people and killed five.

However, even as this terrifying incident unfolded, a 37-year old man managed to miraculously escape by the skin of his teeth all thanks to his Apple laptop. Steve Frappier was one of the many unsuspecting travelers who had a narrow escape as his MacBook Pro shielded him from a bullet.

Steve was traveling to Atlanta to attend an educational conference. He was carrying his school-issued laptop in his backpack for his conference work, blissfully unaware of how the device would be a lifesaver for him during this journey.

MacBook Pro The Hero

The horrifying incident has left a deep impact on Frappier and he recounted how passengers were caught unawares when the firing began. Reports have shared that nearly 13 people were shot before they could get out of the baggage counter.

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