Apple MacBook Pro 2017 To Feature IGZO Display

Apple MacBook Pro 2017 To Feature IGZO Display
Apple MacBook Pro 2017 To Feature IGZO Display

Apple MacBook Pro 2017 is likely to feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) display. A research firm has teased such possibility. The well-known research firm IHS has revealed that Apple will use amorphous silicon (a-Si) material for MacBook Pro display only till the end of first quarter. In the mid of 2017, Apple will start receiving IGZO panels from Samsung and Sharp.

IGZO panels can add more value to MacBook Pro 2017. It has more electron mobility than the amorphous silicon (a-Si) material. IGZO will reduce the power consumption and increase the pixel density. IGZO will also support touch sensitivity.

president Raymond Soneira has said that IGZO will help create higher brightness on display. “Sometimes IGZO is simply referred to as Metal Oxide. The higher the PPI and the wider the Color Gamut (like DCI-P3 for the new MacBook Pro) the greater the benefits of IGZO over a-Si, particularly for LCDs,” Soneira said.

But IGZO material is very costly. So, it is not used for all products. LG’s OLED TVs are having IGZO material, according to MacRumors. IGZO display was seen on Apple’s iPad Air Original. This display reduced the power consumption and also made iPad Air a thin device.


Apple is not likely to consider all the hardware features of MacBook Pro 2016 for the upcoming MacBook Pro. According to Forbes, 2017 will be the year of Kaby Lake processors. Intel has launched its seventh-generation Kaby Lake Core processors .

In 2016, Apple’s MacBook series did not arrive with any major hardware update. All the laptops had Intel’s sixth-generation Core processors. So, there is a big possibility of Apple also preferring Kaby Lake processors. Apple’s rival Microsoft is choosing Kaby Lake processors for its upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5.


The latest offer on MacBook Pro existing model is also teasing the possibility of MacBook Pro 2017 launch. Apple authorized reseller Adorama is now selling 13-inch MacBook Pro model $1,399.00. It means a $200 price cut on the original price tag, according to AppleInsider. Apple has not released any official statement about MacBook Pro 2017. Source: Thebitbag

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