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Here’s How to Stream media from Android Device to PS4

Did you know that it is possible to stream media files from an Android device via a PS4? Here’s how.

  1. Download and Install “Pixel Media Server” on your chosen Android device from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once the “Pixel Media Server” is installed, open the Android application and click “DMS Name” to give a name to your device.
  3. After giving the device a name, click “Share Folder” and select the folder you want to stream content via PS4.
  4. Turn on the PS4 and open the “Media Player” application. Click the “Play” button at the bottom to start the “Pixel Media Server”.
  5. Ensure that the PS4 is on the same WiFi network as the Android device.
  6. Open the “Media Player” application on the PS4
  7. Select the “Pixel Media Server” drive of the Android device.
  8. Navigate the folders to locate and stream photo, music, and video files from the Android device.

The functionality offered by “Pixel Media Server” is only basic but it allows a user to browse the entire folder structure of the chosen Android device and locate all the media files.

Pixel Media Server is a simple DLNA Media Server that in order for it to stream content, you just need to change the name of your device and the folder that contains your media, Digital Trends has learned. If a user wishes a little more refinement on a chosen application, Bubble UPnP and iMedia Share are the available options to choose from.

Bubble UPnP is quite powerful, but users must purchase the full license (roughly $4.50 with an in-app purchase) to be able to stream media files for more than 30 minutes. As for iMedia Share, the application is simple and condenses all the user’s streamable media into Photos, Videos, and Music folders when viewed on a PS4, Make Tech Easier has cited.

This is helpful for finding media files instantly, but it does pull in a lot of system images and audio sounds that users really have no interest in streaming to a PS4. Sourcelatinpost

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