Apple Watch 3 rumors, release date: Smart watch to be released autumn this year? Device not undergoing change in hardware

The next-generation of Apple’s smartwatch has been reported to launch in autumn this year. Followers may be anticipating the significant improvements on the Apple Watch 3, but several sources claimed there would not be too much changes in terms of hardware.

Taiwan-based Quanta Computer will be manufacturing the next series focusing on improving the Apple Watch 3 battery life and efficiency. If fans are anticipating on any major changes, there would not be any significant modification to the said device in terms of hardware, according to Economic News Daily as cited by DigiTimes. When asked regarding the speculation, Qanta declined to disclose details.

The Apple Watch 3 is expected to be released by third quarter this year. In terms of sales for 2017, though figures for forecast were not cited, the source noted Apple only managed to sell 7.5 million watches against the 12 million forecast in 2016.

Though this is not an official confirmation and only a mere prediction from the publication, the forecast may be likely as Apple released the series 2 last September 2016.

Though it can be noted that the first two watches had an 18-month gap, the possibility is still likely. If the launch for the Apple Watch 3 happens in autumn, it can be assumed the Cupertino-based company will be doing a yearly release of its smart watch devices.

But, it can be noted that sales for these devices have dropped significantly. Google’s attempt to enter the market has failed to emerge as its Android Wear plunged to 40 percent during the third quarter of 2016, Business Insider has learned. The report also noted that though analysts expected a 60 percent return, the sales only turned over a 24.7 percent figure.

Several sources have also noted that smartwatch sales are really dropping. Lenovo-owned Moto even announced it is pausing its smartwatch aspirations indefinitely. Despite these, other reports claim smartwatch sales are not declining but rather improving, with even a 60 percent year-on-year shipment increase.

As of the moment, no official details has been released by Apple regarding the specifications of its next-generation smartwatch, its release date and price. For other rumors about the Apple Watch 3, check out the video below. Source: Yibada

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