Apple MacBook Pro 2017: Here’s All You Need to Know

Apple MacBook Pro 2017: Here's All You Need to Know
Apple MacBook Pro 2017: Here's All You Need to Know

Apple is tipped to refresh its current-generation MacBook Pro before the end of the year For those who don’t know, the current generation of Apple Inc’s  MacBook Pro is powered by Intel’s previous-generation processing chipset, also-known-as Intel Skylake. Although this might not be regarded as a deal breaker for some MacBook Pro users, Intel has incorporated a host of significant upgrades in its latest processing chipset, referred to as the Intel Kaby Lake processing chip.

Not only is the latest-generation Intel processing chip faster than its predecessor variant, but it is also designed to be significantly more efficient at power consumption activities. Hence, any device which incorporates Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processing chipset will instantly become much faster and would offer users a longer-lasting battery life compared to its predecessor variant.

Intel has recently confirmed that the company is finally ready to mass-produce its seventh-generation processing chipsets. Also, there are strong rumors linking tech giants, notably Microsoft Corporation, already lining up Intel Kaby Lake powered devices, which are expected to roll out by mid-2017.

The upcoming Surface devices, including Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 are both heavily projected to be powered by Intel’s latest processor. Apple would not want to risk falling behind one of its greatest rivals in the market which is why the latter is backed to roll out a new Intel Kaby Lake powered variant of its MacBook Pro before the end of the year.

Hopefully, the Cupertino company intends to shed some light regarding its upcoming notebook projects during its upcoming events. Comment and let us know if you’re looking forward to the launch of a new and improved MacBook Pro during the later stage of the year. Sourcesmartstocknews

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