MacBook Pro, iMac Latest News & Updates: Intel Kaby Lake Chip Refreshing Apple Solutions Soon

MacBook Pro, iMac Latest News & Updates: Intel Kaby Lake Chip Refreshing Apple Solutions Soon
The Intel Kaby Lake chips are finally out and are deemed suitable for the iMac and MacBook Pro. There is no word from Apple if they will make changes to the machines for now. (Photo : Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

Most were disappointed with the refreshed MacBook Pro which came out with an Intel Skylake chipset. With folks wanting more power for the notebook, an Intel Kaby Lake was expected. All that could change moving forward following the launch of the new Kaby Lake chipsets.

Most are believed to be suited for the MacBook Pro and iMac though it is unlikely that Apple would immediately make the changes for both lines. The new breed of Intel Kaby Lake chipsets was shown off at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, a full lineup of 7th generation Intel Core processors.

The recently launched SoCs are built on 14nm+ process, something expected to improve on the previous 14nm Broadwell and Skylake chips, Apple Insider reported. The new chips will bring “double-digit productivity performance increases” of up to 20-percent that should be good news for gamers.

For desktop users, the 25 percent double-digit productivity should come in handy as well for other processing itineraries. The H-Series and U-Series chipsets should be a big improvement for the MacBook Pro, both built for high-performance laptops.

On the other hand, iMacs could get some added processing power from the S and Y series, 9 to 5 Mac reported. The Intel Kaby Lake SoCs will continue to support Thunderbolt 3 with the U and Y series pegged to improve the battery life.

This brings to mind the celebrated battery issue plaguing the MacBook Pro which has been erratic so far as far as longevity, something backed by Consumer Report findings. The launch came in a bit late for Apple who would have gotten more leverage with the Intel Kaby Lake chipsets for the MacBook Pro.

With time not on the Cupertino company’s side, most are hoping that the next batch of devices, as well as the iMac, will come armed with the latest chips. All that remains to be seen. Source: counselheal

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