Apple Watch Series 3 Leaks & Latest Updates: Improved Performance, May Have A 2017 Release

Apple Watch Series 3 Leaks & Latest Updates: Improved Performance, May Have A 2017 Release
Apple Watch Series 3 may be released in 2017 as per some recent leaks. Not major updates are expected from the next Apple Watch series 3. ( AppFind/YouTube )

Apple fans diligently wait for Apple products expecting a significant change and the tech giant usually ends up disappointing them. Apple Watch Series 3 leaks suggest that it would be no different when it is released at a later date.

Apple Watch Series 3 Leaks

Recently a Chinese Daily, Economic Daily News published a report claiming that the Apple Watch Series 3 will be manufactured by Taiwan-based Quanta, who was also the manufacturer for the first two generations of Apple watch. Apple watch series 3 leaks from the Chinese daily indicate that prime focus for the manufacturer would be to improve the battery life. Quanta is also said to be dedicated to improving the performance of the watch 3.

For some fans, the new leak and update of Apple working to improve the battery life is quite baffling. The current model of Apple watch series 2 can easily last up to three days before needing a recharge. The charging time is also not that long, as the watch can be easily charged overnight, as reported by Digital Trends.

Both original Apple watch and watch 2 were slow on performance with apps taking a longer time to launch. That might be taken care with the Apple watch 3 release in 2017. The latest Apple watch series 3 leaks also suggest that since Apple is trying to improve its battery which is already exquisite, it may be planning to introduce new features that may drain the battery.

Sadly, for fans expecting a major overhaul, huge disappointment awaits. As per the Apple watch series 3 leaks, regarding design, there would not be any major change. Apple will stick to the four-cornered design as opposed to the trend of round watches in the Android market, as reported by Trusted Reviews.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date

Changes or no changes, Apple fans are waiting for the Watch 3. Latest leaks and updates suggest that Apple Watch 3 release date could be sometime in third quarter. There has been no official confirmation, but it looks like that Apple may break its yearly upgrade cycle in 2017. Stay tuned to Mobile&Apps for more Apple watch series 3 leaks and updates. Source: mobilenapps


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