Apple Watch Series 3 Could Be Launching In Q3 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 Could Be Launching In Q3 2017
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As per latest report suggested that the Apple’s next lineup Watch could make it way to users and hit the market in the third quarter this year. The year is still in the begging month and there are so many announcements about the new launches. The device would be manufactured by Quanta Computer the same company which shows their ability and perfection on the previous two generation of the smartwatch.

According to PhoneArena, the two companies will be basically focusing on improving performance and battery life of the smartwatch 3. It was reported that there were some problems with the Apple Watch Series 2, so it make sense that Apple is focusing on the issue and make sure that will not be repeated in their new flag-ship. Battery life did prove to be adequate, if users dont forget to chart the smartwatch every night.

As per Express, it seems that the new edition will come with an assortment of hardware improvements that will help in providing better and smooth performance and longer battery life than the previous model. Hardware up-gradation means a more powerful processor for the new device and hopefully a more efficient and larger battery to ensure users don’t have to keep their eye on reaming battery and run for the charger to charge their smartwatch.

Reports also indicates that the launch date will be somewhere between July and September, while look at Apple’s past releases with Chinese company Quanta Computer singed up to build the device.

Apple will be keen to claw back market share in the wearable technology market, having lost out to companies including Fitbit and Samsung in previous months. Figures released last month by analyst house IDC showed that Apple saw a 71 per cent drop in sales of its wearables in the last quarter compared to the previous year.

The upgrade allowed Apple Watch users to get far more out of their devices than before, greatly improving the software’s interactivity and making it far easier to use and navigate. Users can also keep track of their daily fitness activity, as well as send and receive messages and check calendar notifications. Source: latinpost

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