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PS Vita Tips, Tricks: How to switch to Japanese PSN account without losing data

A gaming enthusiast tries out a Sony Playstation Vita game at the Gamescom 2013 gaming trade air on August 22, 2013 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo : Getty Images/Juergen Schwarz)

The PlayStation Vita handheld console has lost its strong support from the fans in the West due to its dwindling compatible games. Japan, however, still has strong ties to it and has released several video games, which are actually really good to play.

The only problem with the handheld console is its incapability to hold multiple accounts in one memory card. In order to switch to another account, gamers would have to erase the data in it and enter the Japanese PSN account. There is another method that they can use that can actually save their data from getting wiped out, and here is how they can do it.

According to Dual Shockers, the required items the owners should have are a PC, the PS Vita Content Manger Assistant program installed on the PC, and the handheld console. They should also have their Japanese account ready for this method to be ready.

The owners will then have to prepare their PS Vita to back up their current data on their PC with the help of the program. Connect it with the USB cable provided with the console and select the app that will transfer the data. Select the Copy Content option, select change to connect to the PC, select USB cable option, and lastly select the Back Up option.

The handheld console system should not be powered off during the process, and wait for it to be completed. Select OK after the process is completed and close the app.

This time, the owners will need to wipe the console, which starts by selecting the Settings app, then the Format option. Select the Restore this System option, and complete the process by selecting the Restore option. Let it be known that this will format the memory card to its default settings.

After the system is finally wiped clean, select the language needed, select the time zone, confirm the date, and time. If prompted that if the users have a Sony Entertainment Network account, select Use and enter the Japanese PSN account. They can now use the Japanese PSN store and play the Japanese PS Vita games.

To go back to the original account, users will have to do the process again, but this time around, they will use the original PSN account they used.

According to the official website of Reddit, using two memory cards will be easier to do and it will let them switch two accounts without wiping the data out from the memory card. As long as the users will follow the instructions, they can maintain two memory cards and accounts. Source: Yibada

Check out the How To Switch PSN Accounts on PS Vita video below:

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