GoPro Hero 5 Specs, Review and Features: Top Must-Have Accesories for Your Action Camera

GoPro’s newest offering, the Hero 5, was made to better suit the needs of adventure seekers and those who love to capture the outdoors. Paired with the proper accessories, the capabilities of the action camera are limitless.

Some of the most basic accessories for the GoPro Hero 5 include mounts and gears aimed at helping the action camera capture more beautiful and eye-catching photos. One just needs to pick the accessory that will best fit his or her needs.

GoPro Karma Grip

The GoPro Karma Grip is a great tool for the GoPro Hero 5 to shoot stabilized videos and do away with shaky clips. One just needs to mount their action camera into the Grip and they can already shoot less shaky footages. Sold for $300, the GoPro Karma Grip is compatible only for the GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver. User of the GoPro Hero 5 Session are awaiting for the compatibility to their device later this year.

GoPro Remo

Since many action camera owners use their GoPros underwater, the GoPro Remo is the perfect accessory for these types of adventures. The GoPro Remo is a voice activated remote which is waterproof. Users can simply wear the GoPro Remo as they fight the waves on the beach or take a dip at the pool. The accessory can understand voice commands even in a noisy environment. It is sold for $80.

GoPro Hero 5 review

Since its launch late last year, the GoPro Hero 5 has been one of the most well-loved GoPro releases. It is not only lightweight but also powerful with its 4K shooting capability and built-in GPS.

The GoPro Hero 5 can be used for more than two hours straight and is also waterproof. This saves extra money for the users who would not need to buy a waterproof casing for the camera. What do you think is the best feature of the GoPro Hero 5? Sourcemobilenapps

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