Apple Watch News: 3rd Generation Smartwatch To Launch In Q3 2017 With Better Battery Life

Apple would manufacture in 2017 the Apple Watch Series 3 which would be released by the Cupertino-based tech giant in the third quarter of the year. But the upcoming watch would have only small improvements in battery life and performance.

The report by Economic Daily News, a Chinese media outlet, stated that Quanta will produce the Apple Watch Series 3 which would have the same design for one more generation. It indicates the upcoming watch would have the same look as the early 2015 model, 9to5Mac reports.

No Major Design Change

However, the no major design change in the Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to disappoint people who expect a revamp in the timepiece’s external chassis. It implies that the new watch would have little change from the Apple Watch Series 1, save for added features such as waterproofing, GPS and brighter display.

According to Quanta, the main task of the manufacturer would be to improve battery efficiency for the Apple Watch Series 3, but beyond that, there would not be much change on the smart timepiece’s hardware. The planned September roll out would be similar to Apple’s usual 3rd quarter release with a new iPhone 8.

Suggested Changes

Previous reports suggested major design changes for Apple Watch Series 3 not introduced in the first- and second-generation models such as advanced sensors. There were also plans to include cellular connectivity after Apple addressed first issues about battery life.

There were also suggestions to switch to micro-LED displays that are thinner and lighter than current displays as well as better color choices and brightness, MacRumors reports.

According to patents filed by Apple, future versions of the Apple Watch would have the ability to determine the user’s identity using their heart rate and cardio rhythms that are unique. It could possibly integrate haptic feedback into bands of the Apple Watch. Source: Mobilenapps

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