Apple Watch Series 3 To Launch With iPhone 8 In September 2017

While all eyes are set for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, Apple is also slated to refresh its smartwatch by releasing the third generation Apple Watch. While so far, only rumors and speculations suggested the company’s Apple Watch Series 3 plans, latest reports confirm the release window.


The Apple Watch series 3 will be unveiled in the third quarter of the upcoming year according to The website cited a report out of China Economic Daily News that Apple has chosen a manufacturer for Apple Watch 3.

The report claimed Quanta Computer, the manufacturer of Apple Watch series 1 and 2, will make the Watch 3 as well. It stated the smartwatch will possibly be unveiled with iPhone 8 during Apple’s September event. Quanta, however, declined to comment on the report calling it “market speculation.”

The report also narrowed down Apple’s ambitions for the Watch 3. The paper said improving the battery life is the main target of the manufacturer. This could pose problems for Apple as this means they wouldn’t be able to add more features without sacrificing battery life.


The third-gen smartwatch will be the first to include major design changes after Apple failed to introduce the same in Watch series 2. Though nothing is set in stone, rumors and speculations have indicated Apple will include cellular connectivity in Watch 3. Previous patents have showed addition of eSim in the future Watch series.

The Apple Watch series 3 will also get thinner and slimmer than previous iterations. An Apple patent leaked in December showed a plan to move the Watch’s vibration producing haptic motor from watch into the strap. This will free space in the body to include other sensors such cellular, heart rate, GPS etc.

In addition, third-gen Apple Watch is said to switch to Micro LED displays. This will make the device even thinner while offering improved color gamut and brightness.

The Apple Watch 3 is said to include camera enhancements as well as allow FaceTime calls. Of course there is need to take such reports with a grain of salt. Apple could choose to unveil its new Watch series well before September. Source: Thebitbag

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