Apple to Launch Watch Series 3 With Improved Battery Life This Fall

Apple to Launch Watch Series 3 With Improved Battery Life This Fall
Apple to Launch Watch Series 3 With Improved Battery Life This Fall

The report mentions that the next generation of wearable devices by Apple will be manufactured by Quanta, a company based in Taiwan. His isn’t the first time that Apple contracts Quanta for producing wearable devices, the first and second generation of Apple watches were made by the same manufacturer.

The report claims that the manufacturer’s main task will be to improve battery life, as well as enhance the device’s general performance. Apparently, other hardware components in the next Apple Watch won’t see any major changes. Quanta representatives have declined to comment on the report, calling it “market speculation”.

Apple Watch 3 could be unveiled alongside the iPhone 8

The wearable device could see the light of day this fall, reports say that the watch might be launched alongside the new iPhone 8. Some rumors have stated that Apple might introduce a significant design change with the upcoming Apple Watch 3, but it seems that this report contradicts them.

However, Apple might still include some more advanced sensors that weren’t featured in previous models, like the Apple Watch Series 2. Moreover, previous rumors have stated that the new wearable device might incorporate cellular connectivity and micro-LED displays, which are lighter than current screens and offer improved brightness.

Apple might also include new technology spotted in recent patent applications, like a feature for authenticating the user using their heart rate and cardio rhythms. Upcoming devices might also include haptic feedback into Apple Watch bands and an even thinner body design.

It remains to be seen which of these features will be included in the next Apple Watch device, considering that it won’t be long until Apple unveils the next-generation this fall. Source: softpedia

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